Railway employee Ron Spooren noticed a little boy, whilst working in the train. The 9-year old was found alone and asleep. Spooren recognized the boy from the AMBER Alert he received earlier that day. Henk van der Velde, Police Officer of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region: “This is proof that AMBER Alert works great. We are very happy about this.”

During the train journey, all railway employees sympathized with the boy. “I am relieved that he has been brought home safe and sound”, says Spooren. The boy’s parents were grateful about this safe recovery: “Thank you to everyone who has been on the lookout.”

The boy from Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, did not come home for lunch on January 27th 2011. Hours passed, but there was no sign of the boy. The Dutch police decided to launch an AMBER Alert. A mere two hours after the alert was issued, railway personnel found the boy in a train near Deurne, 150 kilometers from his home town.