The TV is still switched on when the mother of a 12-year old girl comes home after doing the groceries. Her daughter is not at home. First, the mother does not worry as her daughter is probably staying at a friend’s place. But as the hours pass by, the mother starts  to worry, especially whenher daughter does not answer her phone. Then, themother decides to call the police.

Six days have passed when her parents appealed to the public: “We miss our girl tremendously andwe truly hope she will come home soon. “Help us! We will always be missing something in our livesif she does not return home.”

“Don’t lose hope.
No, do not worry.
And look forward to tomorrow.
Because life continues.
It’s not over yet.
The strongest in this fight is you.”
Written by the 12-year old girl for someone who has lost her child.

Today, her parents have learned to live with the tragedy that happened to their daughter. But March 10th will always be a difficult day for them: “It’s a horrendous day for us.”

On March 11th 2010, the Dutch Police issued an AMBER Alert for the 12-year old girl. The girl disappeared from her parent’s home in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Six days after her disappearance her body was found: buried in her neighbour’s garden. The police investigation revealed that the same neighbour killed the 12-year old on the evening of her disappearance.