A 9 year old girl was found dead in a wood near Calais after she had been abducted by a man in a red car in April 2015. “It went so fast, her poor mother didn’t have the time to react. She went away for 5 minutes. At the moment she came back, her daughter was gone,” according to a witness of the abduction.

The dead and naked body of the girl was found not more than an hour and a half after her abduction. The body of the girl showed signs of strangulation and the police assumes that she had been sexually abused. The authorities didn’t even have time to launch an Alerte Enlèvement. The French police took a Polish suspect into custody.

The death of the little girl shocked the whole country. One week after her abduction, another young girl (7) was abducted. It led to a very quick launch of an Alerte Enlèvement, although there was no certainty for a proven abduction. The alert led to a successful recovery of the child.

Source: Le Figaro