Losing your child in a public area can be scary, even if it’s only for a second. It’s a familiar feeling for most parents, that uncontrollable pounding of your heart when your child has wandered off on the playground. But what happens when your child doesn’t return after a few painstakingly long minutes?

Every missing child has a story.

‘Return My Child To Me, Mister Modi!’

'Return my child to me, mister Modi!'

Uw browser ondersteunt geen HTML5 videos. Dutch mother of kidnapped child in direct appeal to India In a direct appeal to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Dutch psychologist Nadia Rashid (35) is asking the government in India (Mumbai) for…

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Mother Murdered: Child Nowhere To Be Found

Mother murdered: child nowhere to be found

Imagine how you’d feel. You find your 20-year-old daughter in her apartment. Hidden in a plastic bag. Murdered. Your 18-month-old grandson is nowhere to be found. Panic. On Saturday November 12th, 2016, a 1.5 year old boy was abducted from…

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“Every Second Without Her Is Unbearable”

“Every second without her is unbearable”

The Netherlands – Knowing that there are so many people on the lookout for Insiya, gives her mother hope: “All your support and messages give me hope and assure me that I am not alone in this search. Therefore, I request you…

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“We’re Just Desperate To Know You’re Safe”

“We’re just desperate to know you’re safe”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. “Please, please make contact with us. We’re just desperate to know you’re safe. I just don’t think you can possibly realise how agonising this has been for us”, said the mother of the…

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“I Wish I Never Have To Relive This Day”

“I wish I never have to relive this day”

6:30 in the morning. A grandmother walks to the bedroom of her grandson to wake him up. The bed is empty. She only finds cushions in his bed. She realises, her grandson is gone. The child was abducted by his…

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“He Met His Abductor Online”

“He met his abductor online”

A 12 year old boy vanished on June 18th, 2016 after telling his parents he was taking a bike ride near his home in canton Solothurn, Switzerland. When he didn’t return for dinner as planned, his parents alerted the police.…

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“For Us, The Border Does Not Exist”

“For us, the border does not exist”

France – Although there was no certainty for a proven abduction, the French authorities decided to launch an Alerte Enlèvement (AMBER Alert) for a 7-year old girl on April 23rd, 2015. She was cycling on a square…

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“It Went So Fast, Her Poor Mother Didn’t Have The Time To React”

“It went so fast, her poor mother didn’t have the time to react”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. A 9 year old girl was found dead in a wood near Calais after she had been abducted by a man in a red car in April 2015. “It went so fast, her…

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”Child Abductors Do Not Stop At Borders. Neither Should An AMBER Alert”

”Child abductors do not stop at borders. Neither should an AMBER Alert”

Poland – The first Polish Child Alert (AMBER Alert) was issued on April 15th 2015 for a 10-year old girl from Szczecin, Poland, close to the German border. The girl was found safe and well the same day in Germany. “She was…

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“It’s A Horrendous Feeling. Absolutely Horrendous”

“It’s a horrendous feeling. Absolutely horrendous”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. A Dutch AMBER Alert was issued on April 26th 2014, after there was great suspicion a mother was abducted with her two young children. Their family members were desperate and insecure about their…

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“Bizarre! I Have Found The Child”

“Bizarre! I have found the child”

The Netherlands – A mere two hours after a Dutch AMBER Alert was issued, a passerby recognised the child in the car and immediately called the police. “Bizarre! I have found the child in a cafe in Groningen after an #amberalert.” The boy…

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“You Don’t Know How To Continue Your Life Without Them”

“You don’t know how to continue your life without them”

The Netherlands – Two brothers were abducted by their father. Only rarely, a missing child’s case kept a whole country in its grip for such a long period of time. The mother of the two brothers emotionally appealed to…

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“Please, Please, Please Help Find Her”

“Please, please, please help find her”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. April Jones was only five years old when her life was snatched away from her. She was last seen alive with a friend, getting into a vehicle described as a light-coloured van as…

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“AMBER Alert Works Great”

“AMBER Alert works great”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. Railway employee Ron Spooren noticed a little boy, whilst working in the train. The 9-year old was found alone and asleep. Spooren recognized the boy from the AMBER Alert he received earlier that…

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“Help Us! We Will Always Be Missing Something In Our Lives.”

“Help us! We will always be missing something in our lives.”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. The TV is still switched on when the mother of a 12-year old girl comes home after doing the groceries. Her daughter is not at home. First, the mother does not worry as her…

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“We Go To Bed Each Night Hoping Tomorrow Will Lead Us To Maddie”

“We go to bed each night hoping tomorrow will lead us to Maddie”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. “Her smile. Her laughter. Her eyes. Her dimples. Her sense of humour. Her smartness. Her imitations of people and characters. Her voice, her ‘chat’. Her company. That knowing look. Her singing. Styling her…

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“I Didn’t Want To Believe It. She Was Gone”

“I didn’t want to believe it. She was gone”

Your browser does not support HTML5 videos. “I was told that someone took Amber. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. I just lost it. I started screaming her name. Praying that she would answer me. She…

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