By providing training to professionals, focusing on prevention and awareness raising among the public, and improving national and international procedures and systems on missing persons, AMBER Alert Europe strives for #ZeroMissingKids in Europe.

Missing Persons Risk Triage

When a missing child is reported to the police, law enforcement agencies should make a timely assessment to qualify or disqualify risk for the life or well-being of the missing child. This risk assessment is crucial to determine which steps need to be taken to successfully recover the child. Under-reaction can result in serious harm or death to the child. Over-reaction and doing too much is wasteful of resources and potentially an unwarranted intrusion on a child’s privacy.

In order to advocate the use of missing person risk triage, AMBER Alert Europe has developed a decision-making guide on risk management in consultation with law enforcement experts in the area.

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Being informed is a critical first step to preventing a child from going missing or being abducted. In order to keep children safe, AMBER Alert Europe has created multiple prevention campaigns in cooperation with police experts in the field of missing children from all over Europe to educate parents and children on topics related to going missing.

Check Before You Chat

Our current campaign challenged TikTokers around the globe to do a simple five-step dance to a love song. Seems harmless, right?

Wrong. With this #5StepChallenge, we want to make you aware of the dangers of online grooming and how you can easily miss the signs. That is why it’s so important to always #CheckBeforeYouChat.

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National AMBER Alerts

AMBER Alert assists European countries in creating and/ or further improving their national child alerting system or national AMBER Alert. Among these countries are Poland, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Slovak Republic, Luxembourg, Malta, and Switzerland.

Malta (2017), Luxembourg (2016) and the Slovak Republic (2015) have a national AMBER Alert in place developed by AMBER Alert Europe.


Rapid Emergency Child Alert System Framework


The more eyes the better?


International Cold Case Analysis Project

For the first time, police officers, researchers, and students worldwide are working hand in hand to discover new evidence in unresolved criminal cases. The International Cold Case Analysis Project is a result of a collaboration between the Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP), AMBER Alert Europe, Locate International, the Police Academy of Lower Saxony and several British and Australian Universities.

Besides enabling young police officers and students to establish a close link between theory and practice in cold cases, the participants ultimately aim to help families across Europe to find closure after the disappearance of a loved one.

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Missing People Euregion Meuse-Rhine

In Europe, the border is always nearby. 37.5 % of European citizens live in border areas. With the Missing People Euregion Meuse-Rhine project, which ran from September 2014 until December 2020, AMBER Alert Europe aimed to connect EU citizens across borders in the search for missing people.

The project was launched by AMBER Alert Europe in close cooperation with the Euregion Meuse-Rhine and the Province of Limburg (Netherlands). The project was established to develop border protocols to ensure that when someone goes missing in a Euregion, police, media and citizens in this area are immediately informed and on the lookout. The principal goal of the project was to bring endangered missing persons home safely by quickly sharing a missing person’s appeal with the press and public in the entire Euregion, even across national borders.